Download Edit

Downloading the software for a different platform does not work:

  • using the Chrome browser
  • when Javascript is disabled

Reported October 27, 2008.[1]

Results Status Edit

Sorting Edit

Sorting is removed when navigating between results pages.

Reported October 4, 2008.[2]

Device Manager Edit

Filter Edit

When either combo box is set to anytime (all devices), it is ignored and the other combo used. This means both must be set to anytime to actually see all devices.

Reported January 23, 2005.[3]

Team Challenges Edit

Averages Edit

The averages for increase challenges are being computed wrongly. Supposedly they are an average of the last 30 days. The baseline is actually the sum of the last 31 days divided by 32. When there are fewer days available, it is the sum of the last n days divided by n+1. Fixed May 2, 2009 (confirmation needed).[4]

For the current average, the score is calculated as the sum of all the available challenge days (n) divided by n-1. Not fixed (at July 11, 2009).

Reported March 30, 2009.[5]

Ranking Edit

There is a mismatch between the ranking and the numbering on the scoreboard with the Increase Challenges.

Reported February 18, 2009.[6]

Fixed May 2, 2009.[7]

Partners Edit

The non-profit category has 30 partners missing.

Reported July 10, 2009.[8]

References Edit


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