In principle this should be a self resolving issue, but if not there are various things that can be checked:

  • The message log after hitting the Update button, when WCG has been selecting in the Projects Tab of BOINC Manager.
Message samples:
Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
BOINC can't access Internet - check network connection or proxy configuration.
Scheduler request failed: Couldn't resolve host name
Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks
  • Did you try from the BM's Advanced menu with Retry Communication (v 5.10 and lower) or Do Network Communication (v 6.2 and higher)?
  • Does it resolve if you change in the Activity menu to Network activity always available?
  • Were any changes/updates made to the Antivirus/Firewall/Proxy Settings, to include server side if there is any involved to get onto the internet? WCG needs to be able to get through over port 80 and 443 to IP
  • Did you Confirm that the problem machine allows you to visit with web browser the My Grid page and are able to sign in?
  • Is the project URL address correct? The proper address should be If not correct, detach from WCG in the Project Tab of BM and reattach via the Tools menu Attach to Project by selecting WCG from the drop down list and entering your member name and password.
     Warning: Detaching looses all work in progress for this project!

Hibernating or putting a device in Standby has for some caused client-server problems. Expired DNS (IP) information (depending on version) still being remembered by the client, could be the cause. Ultimately a proper shutdown and restart of the computer and modem/router may solve the issue.

If no solution is found, posting the message log detail from the client where it starts to attempt to communicate all the way to the end of the message log will allow support to analysis the problem. Provide as much information as you can of what was already done, so we can eliminate these from things to check.

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