Team captains (or team founders in BOINC terminology) are the leader of their team. Initially, the team captain is the team creator, but the captaincy can be passed to another team member.

What can team captains do? Edit

There are a few things that can only be done by team captains:

  • Change the team description, name and other details.
  • Send team emails to those team members who allow it.
  • Create and join team challenges.

Differences from BOINC Edit

At most other BOINC projects, team founders can:

  • View the email addresses of all team members.
  • Remove members from the team.
  • Disband the team.

World Community Grid consider these to be violations of members' privacy, and team captains can do none of these things. In addition, at World Community Grid, the procedure to replace an absent team captain is not automated, in order to prevent abuse and team hijacking.

Related topics Edit

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