Occasionally the forums are targeted by spammers, or someone posts abusive or obscene language. When this happens, the best practice is:

  • Do not respond to the post, (however tempting), helping it to sink quickly out of sight.
  • Use the little red Threat icon, at the bottom right of the questionable post to bring it to the attention of the administrators.

Generally, Community Advisors will see the problem fairly quickly and report it directly to the administrators. When the World Community Grid staff gets in or checks in remotely during e.g. the weekend, it will be taken care of, post haste.

If deemed of a serious nature, Community Advisors will send email to the administrators for swiftest eradication.

Here is an excerpt of World Community Grid's policy:

Please remember our collective goal.

World Community Grid's mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. You have joined in order to donate the idle cycle time from your computer to accelerate the research projects running on World Community Grid and in that way, help to improve human conditions We encourage your participation on the forums and provide information on team development and progress to make it easier for individuals to participate, to recruit new members and generally increase the amount of computer run time available for the humanitarian research projects we run. This web site is not a place to promote any other cause or issue.

If in doubt, please do consult the forum rules. The link is provided at the top of all forum pages.

Thanks for your help.