BOINC sometimes conflicts with other software, or triggers false security alerts.


Main article: Firewall configuration

Many firewalls need configuring before they will work with BOINC. See the main article for detailed instructions.


BOINC Manager causes the ZoneAlarm icon to flash. This is harmless.

Antivirus packages and security suites

Parental controls


This product is known to conflict with BOINC.


All Internet communications will fail. Enabling <http_debug> will show this error:

[http_debug] [ID#0] info: no chunk, no close, no size. Assume close to signal end

Other software

Any software that uses computing resources (often running at a low priority) is likely to starve BOINC of resources and result in little or no progress being made. This is because BOINC runs at a still lower priority. Some potential troublemakers are:

  • Macromedia Flash plugins
  • Media Center Tray Icon (ehtray.exe)