The BOINC throttle set through the "use at most x% CPU time" option presently is not as as smooth as many would prefer. Typically the World Community Grid default for the standard pre-set profile is 60% meaning the science runs for 3 seconds at 100% and pauses for 2 seconds, giving an average 60%. This is good for thermal control, but can result for some for the cooling fans to continuously switch on and off, especially laptops, which are more heat sensitive.


A third party developed ThreadMaster GUI was released in freeware for various versions of Windows, running on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista (probably Windows 2008 Server and Workstation as well). The Installation and GUI Interface needs to be Run as Administrator, else the values will not store in the system registry. A sample shot how it looks is below. The GUI after setup and configuration needs though not be run again until a WCG science version change or addition needs applying.

Threadmaster gui

The following matrix helps to select the percentages to enter through the interface above for the different science application in combination with 1, 2, 4 core processors.

Conversion table of control values to input for different processors:
"Per Processor" % setting to enter for each science
Target % / Core 100% 90% 80% 75% 60% 50% 25%[A 1]
Single 100 90 80 75 60 50 25
Dual 50 45 40 37 30 25 12
Quad 25 23 20 18 15 13 6
  1. 25% is the default ceiling if a science application is set up incorrectly.

A different % can be used for each sciences project considering resource needs. Some do run hotter depending on hardware, or have substantial memory to disk i/o. Experiment for optimum experience!

The "25% ceiling" needs to also be reduced for multi-core processor systems. Refer to the above conversion table, last column to chose appropriate value. E.g. this 25 would equal a deafult of 100% on of a quad's single core.

After entering or selecting running sciences in the Threadmaster GUI interface and applying the change it takes a little time to calibrate the CPU resource balance. The below shows a switch from 100% to 80% phase 1 (left most red circle on the line graph), finding the averages during regular system use. In phase 2 the balance is found much quicker, typing again and in phase 3 finally settling in hovering around 80%, while the streaming radio is running in wmp.

Taskmanager performance view

To read more visit a review by a user who does set ups on a servers where ThreadMaster is being used to manage many other system activities: Using ThreadMaster to Tame Rogue Applications

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