Result logs contain the raw log data from the science application. Some of the messages marked as errors or warnings are benign and expected. Sometimes, these warnings can be misleading when a task fails for some other reason.

Some examples from normal logs:

All projects Edit

Failed to get VersionInfo size: 1812
  • A long-standing and completely harmless bug causes this common message.

INFO: No state to restore. Start from the beginning.
ERROR: Restoring checkpoint failed. Unable to restore state!
  • This message is generated because the application always checks to see whether work has already been started on the task, and attempts to continue from the last checkpoint.

Unrecognized XML in parse_init_data_file: computation_deadline
Skipping: 1216101649.600000
Skipping: /computation_deadline
  • This message is caused when older science applications encounter new BOINC settings. The message is harmless.

AutoDock Edit

AutoDock is used by FightAIDS@Home, Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 1, Help Fight Childhood Cancer and Influenza Antiviral Drug Search - Phase 1

autodock4: *** WARNING! Non-integral total charge (-1.5 e) on ligand! ***
autogrid4: WARNING: Attempt to divide by zero was just prevented.
autogrid4: WARNING: Oxygen atom found with no bonded atoms, atom serial number 882, atom_type 6
autogrid4: WARNING: I just prevented an attempt to take the arccosine of -1, a value less than -1.
autodock4: WARNING: Unrecognized keyword in docking parameter file.

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