Restoring device defaults to normal Edit

Local [device] preferences stay in effect and override the website device profiles. At times when changes do not seem to take effect or behavior is counter to expectation it is best to *Clear* these preferences (stored in the global_prefs_override.xml file). To action this, open the BOINC manager operate the red circled button, screenshot below and hit OK. The website device profile settings as attached to the specific device (default, home, school or work) will take immediate prevalence without need for the device to communicate with the project servers.

Bm processor prefs

Members using the simple view graphical interface should hit the preferences button, center bottom of the gui, deselect I want to customize my preferences ... and save.

Bm simple prefs

The website device profile settings are replicated whenever a change occurs and are stored in the global_prefs.xml file. To learn which device profile and preferences are in effect see below related topics.

Related topics Edit

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