Sample Network and Processing Schedules

Many users will eventually discover the Network and CPU usage settings on the website device profiles (limited to just 1 general daily sequence) or the local preferences as available in BOINC 5.8 and up which allow much expanded specification of activity for each day of the week.

Several caveats to know before hand:

  • The times can spill over into the next day, but can never exceed 23:59 continuous run time or network permission.
  • Also, there is a bug (feature): Somehow the conversion from regular time notation to decimal storage and back looses 1 minute. Through client 6.2 this flaw still exist. Just ignore.
  • As is applicable for any Network/Crunching scheme that is used by BOINC it needs to be activated in the Activity menu by either/both selecting Network Activity Based on Preferences & Run based on Preferences. Latter will also suspend any networking.
  • The Client Scheduler follows the times as set on the computer it is running on.

So here goes:

  1. An office worker likes absolute and total availability of the computer and no effects for the company and colleagues on the company network. S/he so decides that Monday-Friday nothing should happen between 07:00 (early workers consideration) and 18:00 (into overtime), not accounting for the workaholics. The machine is on 24/7 as s/he occasionally needs to dial in from remote to look at or fetch stuff when on the road. The next setup of the fields facilitates this scenario:

Local network preferences

Comments: The 18:00-17:58 on day 5 means it will process/network from Friday 18:00 to Saturday 17:58. From there day 6 schedule kicks in and takes it through Sunday and day 7 takes it from Sunday through Monday morning when back in the office. Day 1-4 Monday/Thursday would not be needed entry because of the overall schedule, but were entered to clearly show what the times are that are covered from evenings till next morning.

Using the processor schedule function in the local preferences and combining this with computer power saving setting allows the client to go to sleep at a fixed time. For Instance programming a fixed schedule from 8:00 to 20:00 would let the client stop processing after which the hardware detecting it's idle can power off automatically.

In installments some more samples will be added but feel free to add above, but please thoroughly test. If not sure leave notes under the Discussion tab of this topic, right hand top for off-line talk.

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