World Community Grid does not allow merging member accounts. Once a user has created two or more member registrations, they will forever stay separate, both for forum posts and contributions.

If both member accounts have contributed results / earned credits (points) you can have these appear on third party statistics websites combined under one user name. Simply make sure that all your accounts have the exact same email address (case sensitive). Via the common cross-project identifier (CPID) generated from the email address, the program (most of the time) takes care selecting the oldest for roll up.

Given that merging accounts is not possible, the dilemma of account choice arises. You can change member names, so it's a question of choosing which to continue using, and visiting My GridMy profile

  1. Change the member name.
  2. If need be, change the email address so all the accounts match.
  3. Save.

CPID consolidation can take several days and when not succeeding, necessitates that both / all accounts have at least 1 device communicating with the servers to determine which CPID to use.

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