Human Proteome Folding was the project that launched World Community Grid. As the first project to run on the grid, it was unique in a number of ways. It was initially only available for the Windows platform. The project was shared with

Unlike other projects with second or multiple phases, the second phase of Human Proteome Folding was launched as a separate project (Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2). There were several reasons for treating it in this way.

  • For the second phase, the principal researchers moved from The Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, to the Department of Biology and Computer Science, New York University.
  • World Community Grid had few projects at the time, and wanted something to put in the "completed" column.
  • The second phase was no longer associated with the United Devices project.


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Malmström, Lars; Riffle, Michael; Strauss, Charlie E. M.; Chivian, Dylan; Davis, Trisha N.; et al. (2007),
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PLoS Biology 5 (4): 758 - 768, doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050076

Bonneau, Richard; Facciotti, Marc T.; Reiss, David J.; Schmid, Amy K.; Pan, Min; et al. (2007),
"A Predictive Model for Transcriptional Control of Physiology in a Free Living Cell",
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